Xlinks, a British company, is building a 10.5 GW solar-plus-wind project in Morocco, along with a battery storage facility, that will supply 3.6 GW of renewable energy to the UK via subsea cables. It will be located in Guelmim Oued Noun, a renewable energy-rich region of Morocco, and will span an area of 1,500km square, with 3,800km of HVDC subsea cables connecting it exclusively to Great Britain.

The Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project will produce 10.5 GW of solar and wind power, delivering 3.6 GW of reliable energy for an average of 20+ hours per day. Alongside its solar panels and wind turbines, an onsite 20GWh/5GW battery facility will provide sufficient storage to reliably deliver a stable source of flexible and predictable clean energy for the country.

The wind farm would take advantage of the region’s reliable trade winds, which are driven by the temperature differences between the Atlantic Ocean and the African continent. Throughout the late afternoon and evening, the wind speed at the generation site increases, ensuring that power can be delivered to Britain during peak demand periods.

National Grid has agreed to provide two 1.8 GW connections at Alverdiscott in Devon. The twin 1.8 GW HVDC subsea cable systems will follow a shallow water route from the Moroccan site to a grid location in Great Britain, passing through Spain, Portugal, and France.

REGlobal’s Views: Northern part of Africa has vast untapped solar and wind power sites which can generate significant renewable energy. This can not only meet the African continent’s energy needs but can also be supplied to the more industrialised European nations through advanced power transmission systems. Many such projects (like Xlinks’ UK-Morocco) are currently in pipeline and more are expected in the near future.