Ember’s report “Wind and solar overtake coal in Chile” was published in partnership with Chile Sustentable and ACERA, la Asociación Chilena de Energías Renovables y Almacenamiento. The analysis reviews Chile’s electricity generation data. According to the report, for the first time, wind and solar generated more of Chile’s electricity than coal over a full 12-month period. Only six years ago, in 2016, just 6.6% of electricity was generated by wind and solar, while coal was responsible for a vast 43.6% of Chile’s electricity. 

The increase in wind and solar generation meant that fossil fuels generated less than half of Chile’s electricity in the last 12 months; which is the first time this has happened since 2007. Prior to that, Chile’s electricity system was dominated by hydro and gas, before coal became the predominant fuel that was used to cover new electricity demand. In just three years, Chile’s annual solar and wind electricity generation doubled from 9 TWh (12%) in 2018 to 18 TWh (22%) in 2021.

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