Taaleri Energia has placed a 126 MW order with Vestas for the Isoneva project in Finland, bringing the total number of solid orders for the EnVentus platform in Finland to over 1.8 GW. The wind farm is located in the municipality of Siikajoki in northwestern Finland. While announcing the investment in the Isoneva and Murtotuuli projects in Finlan, Taaleri confirmed that the construction works on the wind farm began in April 2021.

The deal covers the delivery and installation of 21 V162-6.0 MW Vestas EnVentus turbines. This purchase comes after Taaleri Energia placed a 126 MW order for the Murtotuuli project in the second quarter of 2021.

The Isoneva project will be serviced by Vestas under a long-term Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement, which will guarantee power performance assurance and Vestas’ industry-leading service expertise throughout the project’s lifetime.

Vestas presently has more than 136 GW of wind turbines installed in 84 countries, making it the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer. The company utilizes data to understand and anticipate wind resources and offer wind power solutions, due to its smart data capabilities and 117 GW of wind turbines in service.