On current or former mine lands across the country, the US Department of Energy (DoE) will construct clean energy projects as part of a $500 million programme. The initiative will support a number of technologies, including solar PV, microgrids, and/or energy storage, and at least two funded projects must use solar energy. In order to provide the projects, the DoE is investigating options for domestic solar manufacturers.

The Biden Administration intends to raise funds for clean energy initiatives on former mining sites that will benefit the surrounding communities, especially disadvantaged ones. The programme will also generate new employment opportunities and reduce carbon emissions. More than 17,000 mine sites were discovered in the US, according to a recent investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency, and if they were to be converted into clean energy projects, they could add up to 89 GW of generation capacity. In 2023, the DoE anticipates announcing a funding opportunity to request project proposals.

In June 2022, the US DoE announced the Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X) initiative to link additional green energy to the country’s grid. The programme would reduce the time needed in interconnection queues for clean energy sources while also lowering grid connection rates.