The UK has led the way on green finance. It has committed to creating the world’s first Net Zero Financial Centre and a Net Zero Financial System, and implementing several progressive green finance reforms. However, the UK is yet to set out a comprehensive plan for how it will deliver finance for the transition across the country. The 2022 Green Finance Strategy must set out how the UK will invest to reach net zero by 2050, harnessing all the levers at the government’s disposal.

E3G’s latest briefing “A UK net zero financial system: Key elements for the 2022 Green Finance Strategy” outlines 6 design principles for the Green Finance Strategy, together with 11 flagship policy commitments underpinned by success indicators. These will be critical pillars of a world-leading financial system. They are also critical to ensuring the UK is energy secure, supports UK businesses by moving first on the net zero transition, and protects families and communities from future crises.

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