TSE, a private French company specialising in solar energy, has inaugurated its 152 MW solar facility in Marville, France, which was built in collaboration with Enerparc AG. The Marville power station presently contains roughly 364,000 solar modules, some of which include revolutionary bifacial contemporary technology. The total installed power of 152MWp produced roughly 160 GWh per year, which is enough to meet 90 per cent of Verdun city’s annual usage. Construction of the project began in June 2020.

The project is in line with the objectives of the Regional Climate Air Energy Scheme (SRCAE) of Lorraine, as well as the objectives of the Pluriannual Energy Programming, which was adopted at the end of April and intends to develop renewable energies while reducing carbon emissions.

Over a period of 30 years, TSE has planned to conduct an ambitious program for the preservation and redeployment of biodiversity through 3 types of actions: the deartificialisation of soils, the restoration of a mosaic of grasslands, and the limitation of invasive plant species.

In August 2021, the European Commission (EC) approved a $6.7 billion scheme to support renewable power generation from small solar installations located on buildings in France. The scheme had been approved under the European Union (EU) state aid rules. It is expected to help France add approximately 3,700 MW of additional solar energy capacity in the country.