Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has been chosen by the Namibian government to develop the country’s first large-scale green hydrogen manufacturing project following a competitive bidding process. Enertrag, a German industrial corporation specialising in renewable energy production, owns the company. Hyphen is headquartered in Windhoek, Namibia, and has 772 wind turbines in operation around the world. Hyphen is also owned by the investor Nicholas Holdings.

With Namibian authorities, the company plans to invest up to $9.4 billion in green hydrogen over the next nine years. The initial $4.4 billion of this investment will be used to build 2,000 MW of clean power. Solar and wind power projects in the Tsau/Khaeb National Park on the coast of southwestern Namibia will provide the electricity. Hyphen will also create green ammonia on a massive scale with clean electricity.

Hyphen plans to have 5,000 MW of power generation and 3,000 MW of electrolysis capacity by 2030. With a total expenditure of $9.4 billion, the combined plants will produce 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. According to Hyphen, the development of hydrogen and green ammonia production facilities will result in the creation of 15,000 direct employment over the course of the two stages’ four years of construction, with an additional 3,000 permanent jobs throughout the operating phase. Hyphen will pay government concession fees, royalties, a contribution to the sovereign wealth fund, and an environmental levy in addition to taxes.

REGlobal’s Views: Green hydrogen is gaining traction worldwide owing to its massive benefits. Thus, it is only logical that African countries with their renewable energy resource rich sites should go for large-scale green hydrogen production.