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How to close the world’s $1 trillion renewable energy gap

Access to capital continues to be a challenge for solar in EMDE. Like the infrastructure sector, solar is capital intensive and has a long gestation period and generates spillover benefits which for various types of investors is not suitable. In addition, banks – key financiers in the EMDE – are structurally unwieldy for financing solar projects: They limit their long-term loans as their liability duration impedes them from lending to the sector for the long term.

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We need to work together to widen these bottlenecks: Vattenfall’s Anna Borg

The fundamental problem of discrepancy in demand and supply remains. While the knowledge, capability and capital to provide that additional supply exists, the political will and regulatory frameworks need to widen the bottlenecks and enable all of these to come to market at the earliest. This includes secure supply chains, short permitting processes, provision of land and sea for deploying capacity, and also addressing of social concerns around building these new business opportunities. Thus, removing uncertainties in investment pre-requisites is critical.

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