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Puma Energy launches solar projects with storage in Ghana

Puma Energy’s subsidiary, Future Energies business has launched 11 solar projects at its retail fuel stations and a further three at its terminals in Ghana, West Africa. The projects at 11 of the 14 sites will be supported by battery storage. The combined solar and battery power systems in 14 service stations and terminals in Ghana are part of Puma Energy’s Future Energies’ wider business plan to roll renewable energy projects around the world.

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West Africa secured $142 million funding for offgrid solar in 2020

As reported by off-solar industry body GOGLA, Western Africa secured $142 million of investment in 2020, while the traditional off-grid investor magnet in the east secured $70 million. Investment remained steady despite the Covid-19 pandemic, however there have been rising proportions of debt and grant funding as equity investment fell by 46 per cent from 2019. However, total off-grid investment figures rose slightly, from $312 million in 2019 to $316 million last year.

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Daystar Power mobilizes $38 million from development partners

Daystar Power, a Nigerian supplier of solar off-grids, has since been helping, along with other companies, to fill this gap. To increase the spread of its solution to households in West Africa, the company recently carried out a financial mobilisation that raised $38 million. The solar off-grid provider will use these funds to expand its activities in West Africa.

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