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Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles: IEA Report

This policy makers manual is prepared under the framework of the Global Environment Facility programme aimed at supporting low- and middle-income economies in their transition to electric mobility. It aims to serve as a guide for policy makers to effectively integrate electric vehicle charging into the grid, thereby supporting road transport electrification and decarbonisation.

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Smart Charging and Consumer Behavior in the United States: Paper

To ensure that charging electric vehicles (EVs) supports, rather than strains, the nation’s electric grids, the United States needs consumers to adopt smart charging, also known as vehicle-grid integration (VGI). This paper by World Resources Institute presents the findings of a consumer survey on VGI of prospective and current Honda EV owners in the United States. It finds that 95 percent of respondents are interested in VGI programs, mostly due to the chance to be greener, save energy, and earn a financial incentive.

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Pricing Mechanisms for V2G in Southeast Asia: Brief

Most ASEAN Member States require a premium subsidy to be paid to electric vehicles to make their total cost of ownership lower than internal combustion engine vehicles. Among the ASEAN Member States, Thailand’s electric vehicle’s total cost of ownership performance shows the most promising prospect for effective implementation of vehicle-to-grid.

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