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Phasing the Heat: Challenges and implications of a coal phase-down in ASEAN

The ASEAN region homes the youngest coal power plants in the world. Partial or complete shutdown will give financial challenge to the plant owners/ investors and the utility companies who signed construction and operation contracts. The energy security and reliability of the power system would be a huge challenge for the countries and the region. Shutting a large portion of coal power generation down would require large-scale deployment of renewables to be able to supply the energy that is not served by putting coal plants offline.

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End of Coal in Sight at COP26

At least 23 nations made new commitments to phase out coal power, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Poland, South Korea, Egypt, Spain, Nepal, Singapore, Chile and Ukraine.  In a new ‘Global Coal to Clean Power Transition Statement’, countries also committed to scaling up clean power and ensuring a just transition away from coal. This follows recent announcements from China, Japan and South Korea to end overseas coal financing which now means all significant public international financing for coal power has effectively ended.

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India plans mission on use of biomass in thermal plants

ndia’s ministry of power has announced that it will set up a national mission on use of biomass in coal-based thermal plants. This will help address the issue of air pollution arising from stubble burning, which is especially a concern in northern India. The mission will raise the level of biomass co-firing from present 5 per cent to higher levels to promote a higher share of renewable fuel used in thermal plants.

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