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Adjustments to the specific remuneration system for renewables in Spain

RD-Law 6/2022 eliminated, for energy generated in 2023 and thereafter with the right to specific remuneration, the adjustment for deviations in the market price of electricity as compared to the forecasts taken into account for each three-year regulatory half-period (and each six-year regulatory period). This adjustment has now been reintroduced, again with changes to how it is regulated.

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New wind and solar power gets cheaper than coal in Turkey

Rising coal prices in the world now make it cheaper to build a new wind or solar park for power generation in Turkey than running even the most efficient hard coal power plant that relies on coal imports. In Turkey, new wind power installation costs are 32% lower than five years ago, and new solar power installation costs are 50% lower. International hard coal prices are 3 times higher than a year ago.

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