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Taaleri Energia and partners inaugurate 336 MW wind farm in Texas

Taaleri Energia, a Finnish energy company, has announced the launch of the Escalade wind farm in Truscott, Texas, in collaboration with AIP Management and Akuo. The 45 Vestas V162 5.6 MW turbines and 20 Vestas V150 4.2MW turbines make up the 336 MW wind farm. It will produce roughly 1,270 GWh of clean energy annually, enough to supply 115,000 homes in the area.

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Taaleri Energia and Encro acquire 111 MW wind farm in Croatia

In collaboration with the wind energy company Encro, Taaleri Energia acquired the Zadar wind farm in Croatia through its Taaleri SolarWind II fund. The 25 Nordex wind turbine 111 MW wind farm, which is situated in the county of Zadar, will provide the Croatian grid with about 317 GWh of clean energy annually. Around 85,000 houses may be powered by the Zadar wind farm, which can also reduce carbon emissions by about 78,000 tonnes annually.

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