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Technology Trends in Solar PV Module Industry

The solar industry’s continued ability to drive down costs while improving performance is a primary reason solar accounted for the largest share of new US electricity generation capacity in 2021. This trend is best exemplified by continual changes to module designs and cell technologies. This year, RETC is closely monitoring another technology trend that is quickly gaining market traction and acceptance, the rise of next-generation n-type PV cells with passivating contacts.

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Iran launches a 150 MW solar cell factory

Iran has launched its first solar cell plant, as part of the government’s plans to considerably boost the percentage of renewable energy in the country’s power mix. Iran’s Energy Minister inaugurated a 150 MW solar factory in the central city of Khomein, pledging his complete support for the country’s solar industry.

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We aim to change the way we generate and use electricity: JinkoSolar’s Daniel Liu

Having started its business from the upstream side of the solar value chain, JinkoSolar now produces wafers and cells as well. We are committed to expanding the boundaries of our PV knowledge through research and development, and actively catalysing the commercialisation of cutting-edge solar technology. Our introduction of various solar technologies in the past financial year is evidence of our dedication to innovation.

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