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Rolls Royce to plan its first modular nuclear reactor in the UK

Rolls Royce, a British engineering company, intends to start up its first small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) in 2029. The government has already invested $274 million in Rolls Royce’s SMR development. Rolls Royce’s SMR design has been submitted to the UK’s nuclear regulator for approval.

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Rolls-Royce invests in off-grid solar systems in Africa

Rolls-Royce has announced an investment in Kowry Energy, a Berlin-based start-up that provides sustainable and decentralised energy systems. By merging renewable energy sources such as solar and battery storage systems, the start-up will deliver energy solutions employing photovoltaic systems and demand of up to 1 MW in collaboration with local independent power providers and operators. This reduces the use of fossil fuels while maximising the benefits of Africa’s climatic conditions.

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