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Risen Energy wins bid to supply 650 W PV modules in Xinjiang

Risen Energy Co., Ltd., a Chinese solar module manufacturer, has secured the contract to provide TITAN 650 W PV modules to Sinopec’s green hydrogen demonstration project in Kuqa County, Xinjiang, China. Once completed, the 361 MW project will be the world’s largest PV-based hydrogen manufacturing facility, and it is being hailed as a breakthrough in China’s efforts to transform its huge traditional energy producers.

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Risen Energy to develop $7 billion solar power factory in Mongolia

Risen Energy Co., a Chinese PV manufacturer, is set to develop a $7 billion integrated solar power factory in Inner Mongolia that will run on renewable energy. According to a filing with the Shenzhen stock exchange on December 27, 2021, the project will produce materials across the supply chain, from industrial silicon to finished solar modules.

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600W+ Ultra High-Efficiency Solar Modules Boost Global Solar Power Growth Outlook

Major solar module manufacturers continue to make technological advancements, with several now offering modules that are equal to or exceed a power output of 600 watts (W). In June 2020, we highlighted the solar module manufacturers push towards offering high-efficiency solar modules that are equal to or exceed 500W capacity, with Risen Energy being the first to announce a 500W+ module in late 2019.

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