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Japan’s Electricity Sector Reforms: Transition to next generation power networks

The power transmission and distribution (T&D) segment has a vital role to play in supporting this objective as electricity networks need to be overhauled to strengthen Japan’s ageing power grid so they can evacuate large-scale renewables while maintaining grid stability and resilience. Towards this end, the 10 general power T&D companies in Japan comprising the Grid Council have formulated a plan titled “Toward Carbon Neutrality by 2050 – Roadmap to the Next Generation of Power Networks”.

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Corporate PPA Trends in Japan

This information package put together the latest trends of corporate PPAs in Japan. Typical contract structures for On-site, Physical and Virtual PPAs applicable in the Japanese electricity systems are presented. The features, benefits and issues of each type of contract are summarized in addition to cost comparisons with regular tariffs. New policies such as Feed-in Premium are covered in terms of making corporate PPAs effectively.

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Japan’s Net Zero Journey Report

The latest signs coming from the Japanese government’s policies and energy plans make the country’s net-zero goal look more and more distant. The country’s actions on the local and global energy stage are also concerning. Should Japan reconsider its priorities and cut out distractions, like hydrogen and coal and ammonia co-firing plants, the opportunities for a swift transition to a more resilient, sustainable and self-sufficient energy system is there.

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