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Offshore Wind Strategy in EU

In November 2020, the European Commission presented an EU-wide strategy for offshore wind. The strategy includes both the Commission’s vision and targets for offshore wind in Europe, as well as non- binding guidance for European member states on how to reach their individual national goals and contribute to achieving the EU ́s overarching targets for the uptake of offshore wind. The strategy defines a non-binding volume target of 300 GW by 2050, with a subtarget of 60 GW by 2030 for the whole of the EU.

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Mexico’s disregard for the law in renewable energy policy

This brief examines the decrees issued by the National Center for the Control of Energy (CENACE) on April 29, 2020 and those issued by the Department of Energy (SENER) on May 15, 2020. These decrees are specifically intended to hinder renewable energy companies from initiating the start-up tests to connect to the transmission grid.

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