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Egypt exploring the possibility of exporting renewable energy to Iraq via Jordan

The Egyptian government has announced that it is exploring the possibility of exporting some of its renewable energy to Iraq. For this, the government would have to construct new power lines to boost the Iraqi grid through Jordan. Further, Egypt will first have to increase the capacity of the electricity line that links it to Jordan. The submarine cable is 13 km in length and has a power rating of 400 kV. It crosses the Gulf of Aqaba, with an exchange capacity of 550 MW, and with an increase in the power of the line, the transfer of power should be possible.

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Egypt’s RE Transition: Focus on becoming a regional energy hub

In order to meet the power demand of the rising population and an expanding economy, Egypt is focusing on increasing the share of renewable energy (RE) in its power generation mix—given the high potential for RE resources particularly solar and wind—and relying less on fuel and gas-based resources, which are depleting and limited. This will also help decrease the country’s overall carbon footprint.

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