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PV module recycling policies in the United States

With the rapidly increasing solar PV capacity in the U.S. the volume of modules is also expanding significantly and so is the problem of their safe disposal. There has been a growing awareness regarding the recycling of PV modules either to extract their precious metals or to manufacture new modules once the old ones reach their end of life. These concerns have enabled government- and industry-led discussions, policies, and initiatives on recycling-based resource recovery of PV modules in the U.S.

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PV waste management in India: Landfill ban recommended for all equipments in a PV system

As everywhere else in the world, the uptake of PV technology in India will generate waste. It is therefore important to carry out an assessment of PV waste generation over the next decades to provide solutions for a sustainable energy economy and to prevent adverse environmental impacts which could arise from the wrong practices of disposal of end-of-life PV modules and their components. The report, “PV Waste Management in India: Comparative Analysis of State of Play & Recommendations” provides key insights on this theme.

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