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New Zealand to establish 8.5 TWh pumped hydro project

The New Zealand government has announced and confirmed that it will create a detailed business case for a pumped hydro scheme at Lake Onslow as part of its efforts to build a resilient, affordable, secure, and decarbonized energy system. The government of New Zealand will look into the feasibility of establishing a pumped hydroelectric facility on the South Island.

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Renewables growth to bolster need for pumped hydropower storage, developments mainly in Asia

Pumped hydropower storage utilises pumps to drive water to a reservoir at a higher altitude for large-scale long-duration energy storage, and turbines to generate electricity when the stored water is released. Typically, when on-grid electricity demand and prices are low, operators draw electricity from the grid to power pumping systems. Conversely, when demand is high, operators release water to generate electricity either to sell back to the grid or to power their own needs.

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Innovative Pumped Storage Hydropower configurations and uses

Pumped storage hydropower (PSH) operates by storing electricity in the form of gravitational potential energy through pumping water from a lower to an upper reservoir. First built since the end of the 19th  century,  PSH is a mature and proven technology for long-duration energy storage. It has continuously evolved to suit the needs of changing power systems,  providing a suite of power systems flexibility services such as inertia,  frequency control,  voltage regulation, and black-start capability, which are vital to support the growing shares of variable renewable energy in grid systems.

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