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The Governance of US Wholesale Power Markets

This paper “The Governance of Wholesale Power Markets” prepared by Bentham Paulos of Clean Energy States Alliance is the second in a series designed to help state officials and other stakeholders understand wholesale electricity markets. It looks especially at the role of regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in operating regional wholesale power markets.

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How Wholesale Power Markets Work in The US

The white paper “How Wholesale Power Markets Work” has been prepared by Bentham Paulos for the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative which has been created by Clean Energy States Alliance. This is the first of a series of explainers on the impact of 100% clean power on wholesale markets and explores how power markets work today.

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Nordic power markets: At the heart of Europe’s energy transition

With Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden leading the way on renewables integration we explore the outlook for the Nordic power markets. The Nordics have taken an early lead in the energy transition race. With a heavy focus on renewable power and abundant system flexibility, the region is arguably decades ahead of other markets and will play a pivotal role in wider European net zero ambitions. So, how is the Nordic power mix evolving and what will that mean for power prices in the region?

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