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The United States Has the Only Major Power Grid without a Plan

The US electric grid is often referred to as the greatest machine in the world. But in the aftermath of winter storm Elliott and the rolling power outages its frigid cold inflicted on many Americans, we need to ask ourselves: is this machine a match for these types of extreme weather events blanketing the country with ever increasing frequency and ferocity?

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US Power Shift Report

To live up to its potential, today’s aging grid needs strategic investment and careful stewardship. So that it can become more sustainable and resilient. To remain reliable even as it leans more heavily on weather dependent energy sources. To meet customers’ insatiable demand for the electricity to power their electronics and appliances and increasingly, vehicles and industrial processes. To better withstand extreme weather.

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Building a Better (and Cleaner!) Electric Grid in the US

Building 22 new transmission lines and operating them for the next 50 years could lead to total emissions reductions of about 6.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is roughly equal to the total yearly amount of greenhouse gas emissions for the entire U.S. In other words, building just key transmission projects would enable a massive cut in greenhouse gas emissions. To paraphrase President Biden, that’s a very big deal.

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