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US PJM’s Interconnection Rule Is a Good Start

A proposal from grid operator PJM Interconnection is designed to start working through the backlog of wind and solar projects trying to connect to the grid. NRDC and others told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that it should not only approve this plan but also put in place new federal rule changes that could solve this problem nationwide. PJM—the nation’s largest grid operator—is seeking to break a logjam that’s preventing thousands of wind and solar power projects from getting built.

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PJM’s Interconnection Reforms: Paper by ICF

ICF summarizes the latest developments and provides analysis of the key provisions for transitioning existing queued projects, as well as which projects are exempted from this reform process. It also discusses PJM’s proposed transition plan for existing queued projects and associated interconnection cost and timing implications using a case study example.

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