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These are the countries best prepared for a green future

Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands are the countries most prepared for a low-carbon future, according to a new report. Other countries making up the top 10 of the Green Future Index 2022 are the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden and South Korea. The index is a ranking of 76 economies published by MIT Technology Review Insights, the custom publishing division of the bimonthly magazine at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Capital Markets Can Power Southeast Asia’s Sustainable Pandemic Recovery

Asia and the Pacific as a whole was already behind schedule in terms of meeting the goals by 2030, and the pandemic has set the region back further. One way in which governments can compensate for this is to mobilize private capital for sustainable investments. In Southeast Asia, countries have already made significant progress in this area. In September 2021, the cumulative value of ASEAN-labeled green, social, and sustainability bonds issued in Southeast Asia reached $16.4 billion.

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Asia’s Climate Optimism

While China’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2060 is a good start, electricity demand is already forecast to double by 2050 (from 2017 levels). It therefore must urgently step up its efforts to improve energy efficiency, adopt green and low-carbon energy, expand energy storage, deploy carbon capture and sequestration technologies, and develop a framework for low-carbon urbanization. Many of the needed technologies are already available, and East Asia has the scale to bring down their cost to a level that would enable widespread adoption.

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