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Bruc acquires eight solar power assets from Opdenergy

Bruc, a Spanish renewable energy firm, has completed the purchase of eight new solar photovoltaic (PV) power producing units from Opdenergy. The projects have a total capacity of 444 MW. The agreement was struck between Bruc and Opdenergy in August 2021, and it includes the sale of 20 solar PV power production units totaling 1.1 GW of capacity. The latest power assets transferred to Bruc are located in the provinces of Valladolid and Zaragoza

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Bruc buys 384 MW solar PV power plants from Opdenergy

Bruc has purchased six solar photovoltaic projects in Spain from Opdenergy. The solar portfolio has a total capacity of 384 MW and is spread across four Spanish provinces, including Cadiz, Zaragoza, Teruel, and Palencia. The six solar PV assets are part of the 1.1GW portfolio, which are part of an agreement reached by the two companies last year, where Bruc agreed to purchase these projects. 

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BBVA to finance 725 MWp of solar projects by Opdenergy

Opdenergy has closed an underwriting mandate with BBVA for the financing of the development, construction, and commissioning of its portfolio solar projects in Spain, with a total expected installed power of approximately 725 MW for Euro 500 million. Of the total, the energy company indicated that up to Euro 76 million would be allocated to guarantees linked to long-term contracts (PPAs) and up to Euro 20 million to guarantees related to the usual reserve accounts in this type of operation.

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