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US Offshore Wind Transmission: Report

The US has one of the most ambitious clean energy goals, much of which will depend on achieving the 2030 goal of 30 GW offshore wind (OSW) capacity. There is an urgent need to plan the transmission grid necessary for achieving these ambitions. The most efficient long-term grid development routes may be closed if proactive and comprehensive planning for long-term transmission needs is not undertaken immediately, while the more appealing near-term transmission alternatives will also not be identified.

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Biden Administration Takes Action to Accelerate Offshore Wind in Gulf of Mexico and Southeast

On July 20, 2022, the US Department of the Interior (DOI) announced next steps for offshore wind (OSW) development in the Gulf of Mexico. On the same day, the Biden administration announced that it was kickstarting OSW development in the Southeast, which has been under an offshore development moratorium. With the clock ticking, BOEM held a competitive auction for two lease areas in the Carolina Long Bay area off the coast of North Carolina and issued the leases to the winners before the moratorium commenced on July 1, 2022.

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Offshore Wind in Western United States: Briefing

The United States’ West Coast has vast, untapped offshore wind resources to help decarbonize the country’s energy system. Offshore wind would diversify generation resources while reducing land-use conflicts in the Western U.S., where 80 percent of customers are served by utilities with net-zero carbon emission mandates. Coastal states make up 57 percent of Western electricity demand.

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