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Green Nordic Energy System: TSOs Publish Strategy and Solutions Report 

The TSOs recently published the Solutions Report 2022 – Solutions for a Green Nordic Energy System, in continuation to the previous solutions reports prepared biennially since 2018. The report aims to address the challenges and describes the work on solutions and presents the Nordic TSO strategy towards 2030 focusing on onshore and offshore wind development and sector integration (with other sectors that use electricity such as transport, heating and hydrogen production).

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Climate neutral Nordic TSOs publish NGDP2021 to achieve regional goals

To ensure a smooth transition, the four Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs) – Energinet.dk (Denmark), Fingrid Ojy (Finland), Statnett SF (Norway) and Svenska kraftnät AB (Sweden) – have been closely coordinating and cooperating to establish a common perspective on the overall development of the Nordic power system. This was presented by the four TSOs in a recently released (November 2021) report on the Nordic Grid Development Perspective (NGDP) 2021 as well as a webinar organised by them on the subject.

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Nordic power markets: At the heart of Europe’s energy transition

With Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden leading the way on renewables integration we explore the outlook for the Nordic power markets. The Nordics have taken an early lead in the energy transition race. With a heavy focus on renewable power and abundant system flexibility, the region is arguably decades ahead of other markets and will play a pivotal role in wider European net zero ambitions. So, how is the Nordic power mix evolving and what will that mean for power prices in the region?

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