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Financing Hydrogen Export Projects

This paper, for illustration, examines an Archetype project, using 1GW of solar generation to produce 250 ktpa green ammonia be sold at a fixed price of USD 770/tonne (just sufficient to meet the assumed cost of capital). This compares with a 5-year average price of a little over USD 600/tonne but over USD 1,300/tonne. Assuming a 20-year offtake contract and a 15-year loan (with a 3- 27 year construction period), the Archetype project can support a DER of around 65 per cent.

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Equinor and RWE to construct large-scale value chains for low carbon hydrogen 

Equinor and RWE have decided to collaborate on creating offshore wind farms capable of producing green hydrogen in order to establish value chains for low-carbon hydrogen. In order to replace coal-fired power plants in Germany with gas-fired power plants that are still prepared to use hydrogen, the partners intend to build a low-carbon, renewable hydrogen production facility in Norway.

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