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Review of Barriers to FPV Deployment in Southeast Asia

FPV systems may play a significant role in RE deployment in the region, while providing additional economic, societal, and environmental benefits. Recent work has identified the potential benefits of FPV systems to include lower land acquisition and site preparation costs, improved solar PV performance, and reduced capital costs when FPV is co-located with hydropower. Despite growing interest in and literature on FPV systems, the understanding of the policy landscape, including the opportunities and barriers to FPV deployment, remains limited.

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Floatovoltaics: Land-constrained SEA countries look to waterbodies for sustainable power generation

The unavailability of large swathes of land has forced developers in the solar power segment to look elsewhere to set up solar power plants in a more sustainable manner. In this regard, canal tops, hybrid power and other such technologies have emerged as important solutions. A recent phenomenon of this is also the emergence of floating solar power plants, or floatovoltaics, which have found a considerable market in the Southeast Asian region.

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