Tag: fleet electrification

Electric Bus Performance Monitoring in Mexico: Report

This report “Analysis of Electric Bus Performance Monitoring in Mexico City” analyzes the performance and energy consumption of an electric articulated bus over a 10-month period in Mexico City. Making use of telematics equipment, the daily operation of the bus was monitored to evaluate the operational performance of the vehicle.

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US Electric School Bus Market: Briefing

This publication is intended to serve as a resource primarily for school districts and transportation directors exploring school bus electrification and provide them with a better understanding of the state of the electric school bus market and available offerings. It aims to present the growing interest and investment in the sector along with key aspects of the current technology.

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Accelerating fleet electrification in Europe

This report examines the challenges in tackling the electric mobility (e-mobility) agenda as Europe pushes towards decarbonisation. It focuses on the fleet transport segment as the most likely early catalyst in the e-mobility transition. ‘Fleet’, in this report, relates to company leased or owned vehicles that are predominantly for business use and which may vary in scale, from one or two vehicles to several thousand. And it explores key opportunity areas where e-mobility players can participate in the fleet value chain.

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