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Electrifying Indonesia’s road transport: IEEFA Report

In Indonesia, transport is the single largest final energy-consuming sector, using imported oil and accounting for roughly a quarter of energy emissions. Legacy carmakers command a predominant, if not near-absolute, status in Indonesia’s market, but their electric plans remain lackluster. Bold fuel economy standards and other active government policies are required to restrain demand for internal combustion engine fuel and make legacy automakers work toward more efficient EVs.

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India plans to install 6,000 charging stations across 9 expressways

Indian Minister of State for Heavy Industries has announced that the government is planning to install 6,000 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) across nine expressways in the country. As per the government’s statement, charging is the biggest problem when it comes to the use of EVs, referring to the hurdles in EV adoption, including the time it takes to charge automobiles.

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Electric Vehicle Market Status – Manufacturer Commitments to Future Electric Mobility in the US and Worldwide

The report summarizes the current status, and projected growth, of the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) industry over the next five to ten years. Key topics addressed include drivers of U.S. and global EV growth, auto manufacturer investments in EV development and in building a robust charging network for drivers, announced new EV model introductions, projected EV sales, projected battery pack costs, and projected date of EV “price parity” with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

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