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European energy companies fail on net zero commitments

Increasing Europe’s self-reliance through renewable energy is a key solution to meet the continent’s climate commitments while providing an insurance against fossil fuel price volatility. 16 out of 21 (76%) of the coal-burning corporations dominating the European electricity market, and covered in the report, have published net zero targets. For the majority, these net zero targets are for 2050. The report finds that only nine (43%) of the analysed coal utilities have committed to a global coal phase-out by 2030.

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How Wholesale Power Markets Work in The US

The white paper “How Wholesale Power Markets Work” has been prepared by Bentham Paulos for the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative which has been created by Clean Energy States Alliance. This is the first of a series of explainers on the impact of 100% clean power on wholesale markets and explores how power markets work today.

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Redesigning the national electricity market in Australia

The Energy Security Board (ESB) in Australia released its recommendations for the redesign of the national electricity market on August 26, 2021. These were submitted to energy ministers on the Energy National Cabinet Reform Committee (ENCRC) at the end of July 2021. The ESB is recommending four key pathways for reform to manage both the orderly exit of old technologies (especially ageing coal fuelled generation) and pave the way for new technologies.

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