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Taaleri Energia and Encro acquire 111 MW wind farm in Croatia

In collaboration with the wind energy company Encro, Taaleri Energia acquired the Zadar wind farm in Croatia through its Taaleri SolarWind II fund. The 25 Nordex wind turbine 111 MW wind farm, which is situated in the county of Zadar, will provide the Croatian grid with about 317 GWh of clean energy annually. Around 85,000 houses may be powered by the Zadar wind farm, which can also reduce carbon emissions by about 78,000 tonnes annually.

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Enlight to acquire 525 MW of renewable project portfolio in Croatia

A 525 MW portfolio of renewable energy projects in Croatia will be purchased and jointly developed by Israel-based Enlight Renewable Energy for an undisclosed amount. The portfolio of renewable projects consists of a 139 MW wind project and four solar projects with a cumulative capacity of 386 MW. The projects are currently in various stages of development, and it is anticipated that construction work will start at the end of 2023 and run until 2025.

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Conex Invest plans to develop a 60 MW solar project in Croatia

Conex Invest Finanzierungs, an Austrian company is investing in the development of a 60 MW ground-mounted solar power plant in Croatia, through the local firm Photo Volt. The investment is valued at EUR 75.6 million and will partly be financed by European Union funds. The project, also called MVES 60, will be located in Martinska Ves municipality in Sisak-Moslavina county in central Croatia

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