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Exploring Agrivoltaics: Benefits and cost economics of APV plants

APV plants have several benefits. One, there is dual use of land. There is common civil infrastructure such as fencing, lighting, land grading and storage. Two, there is a high yield of organic horticulture or floriculture due to contro­lled shading. Three, higher PV generation from bifacial panels is possible due to the elevated installation and higher albedo of the shade net/soil/ crop system. In addition, there is a benefit of possibly lowering panel temperatures due to crop evapotranspiration.

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How clean energy economics can benefit from the biggest climate law in US history

For mature technologies, such as wind and solar, these incentives have the potential to supercharge an already-rapid pace of development. In our analysis, we estimate that the solar and wind LCOEs in 2030 with the IRA will be lower than those without it by 20%-35% and 38%-49%, respectively. However, despite the economic incentives, the IRA may encounter other development challenges facing renewable energy projects.

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