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How finance is driving Australia’s green transition

Finance is playing a significant role in encouraging Australia’s push towards net zero, with companies that commit to climate targets finding it easier to attract investment and raise capital, according to Jo Spillane, Global Head of Private Capital Markets at Macquarie Capital. Spillane says that one of the main vehicles through which this is happening is Australia’s pension funds, or superannuation (super) funds as they are known locally.

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Net Zero For European Businesses

The briefing “The Race to Net Zero is Good for European Business” by Ciarán Humphreys, Researcher, E3G explores the benefits of the transition to net-zero, in terms of business performance, regional development and international competition. It also examines how governments can support and accelerate this transition through progressive, cohesive policy measures.

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How businesses need to navigate environmental incentives and penalties

With environmental issues high on the global agenda, governments are directly targeting businesses in their drive to sustainability. Incentives and penalties are being introduced on a regional and domestic basis, creating a challenging landscape with which businesses must contend. The tax and finance function can play a major strategic role to the broader business by helping reduce risk and make the most of opportunity.

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