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Climate Investment in Europe: Report

Although previous reports have assessed the contribution of EU funds to filling climate and energy transition investment needs, those have relied on assumed spending shares for those investments. The present report is instead based on actual spending plans. Further, it focuses specifically on climate and energy transition related investments that are directly targeting emissions reduction.

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The new norm: ESG disclosures and science-based targets

Increased public financing is required to de-risk private investment and support the development of new infrastructure. Reforms to improve transparency of climate-related data will help underpin efforts to incorporate climate risks into financial regulatory frameworks and develop transition risk modelling among financial institutions, helping to align capital allocation decisions.

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What We’re Learning about Corporate Climate Ambition

Glasgow signaled unprecedented levels of climate action commitments from investors and businesses that can drive real economy transformation. Indeed, private sector actions could be the critical factor to keep 1.5°C alive in just the next few years. So, what have corporate actors committed to, and what do these commitments mean?

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