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Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe

On 9 December 2021, ETIPWind organised an online webinar on ‘Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe’. During the webinar industry experts agreed that there is an urgent need to increase collaboration among stakeholders and to implement new technologies to deliver electricity grids that can uphold climate neutrality in 2050. The new ETIPWind factsheet spells out four technology and policy areas Europe needs to work on to deliver the electricity system necessary for a climate-neutral energy system by 2050.

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Climate neutral Nordic TSOs publish NGDP2021 to achieve regional goals

To ensure a smooth transition, the four Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs) – Energinet.dk (Denmark), Fingrid Ojy (Finland), Statnett SF (Norway) and Svenska kraftnät AB (Sweden) – have been closely coordinating and cooperating to establish a common perspective on the overall development of the Nordic power system. This was presented by the four TSOs in a recently released (November 2021) report on the Nordic Grid Development Perspective (NGDP) 2021 as well as a webinar organised by them on the subject.

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