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The Rise of Climate Fintech

The climate crisis is a defining challenge for Asia and the Pacific, which as a region is the most vulnerable to global warming, and a significant contributor to its cause. Yet, it is not all doom and gloom. Driven by a combination of climate change, finance, and digital technology —collectively known as ‘climate fintech’ — the financial services industry is preparing to address these challenges and capture opportunities for transitioning to a more sustainable economy. 

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EC reviews 2030 NECPs: Focus on achieving EU carbon neutrality by 2050

To achieve the current EU 2030 targets, annual investments in energy during 2021-30 will need to increase by over 1 percentage point of GDP (or EUR260 billion) on average compared to the previous decade. For an increased GHG reduction target of 55 per cent, this amount would increase to EUR350 billion. The annual energy infrastructure investments are estimated at EUR59 billion.

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