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FERC’s Winter Outlook Shows Need for an Updated Grid

In its winter assessment, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission forecasts that U.S. electricity markets should have ample supplies to heat and power consumers through the coming winter. It becomes clearer every day that no energy source is perfect, but adding more transmission lines, efficiency measures, renewable energy, demand response, and energy storage can deliver a system that is most able to withstand the coldest colds and hottest heat waves.

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US Power Shift Report

To live up to its potential, today’s aging grid needs strategic investment and careful stewardship. So that it can become more sustainable and resilient. To remain reliable even as it leans more heavily on weather dependent energy sources. To meet customers’ insatiable demand for the electricity to power their electronics and appliances and increasingly, vehicles and industrial processes. To better withstand extreme weather.

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Stronger and Cleaner US Electric Grid: NRDC Factsheet

To face a climate-altered future, the United States needs a resilient, affordable, and nimble electric system, one that can adjust and adapt to any situation, keeping the lights on no matter the challenge. Ensuring that the country has affordable and available electricity requires that Congress pass legislation now to support renewable energy and build a more resilient electric grid—the system that connects a source of energy such as a power plant to the consumers who use it.

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