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We need the industry to decarbonise: Singapore’s Minister of State Low Yen Ling

Today, the power sector contributes about 40% of Singapore’s carbon emissions. To reach our net-zero emission goal by 2050, we need the industry to decarbonise. Last year, the EMA announced the Singapore Energy Transition plan to decarbonise the power sector whilst ensuring that our energy system remains secure and reliable. Singapore will harness and tap on four switches to transform our energy supply – natural gas, solar, regional power grids and emerging low-carbon alternatives.

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Realizing America’s Clean Energy Opportunity: Report

The United States can compete in the creation, manufacturing, and deployment of clean energy technologies in a way that not only puts the country on a path to decarbonization but also drives regional economic development. Regional investment in clean energy technologies, physical infrastructure, and supply chains can support regional economies, accelerate growth, and promote a dynamic, inclusive society.

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