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US State Policies For Building Electrification: Policy Brief

To meet ambitious emissions-reduction goals, a small but growing number of states are promoting electrification of space and water heating as an important building decarbonization tool. However, one barrier states face is the need to ensure that fuel-switching and electrification efforts are beneficial; i.e., they must reduce emissions and energy costs while harmonizing with existing energy efficiency policies aimed at reducing demand.

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Low-Carbon Fuels Have a Limited Role to Play in New York’s Buildings

New York State is poised to become a national leader in climate action in the buildings sector, with an ambitious vision in the state’s draft climate plan for phasing out fossil fuel use in buildings through a mix of efficiency and electrification upgrades. As the state moves to finalize this plan, alternate proposals are emerging focused on “low carbon fuels” — namely hydrogen, biomethane, and synthetic methane — as options for building heating.

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Washington Clean Buildings Bill Raises the Bar for Every State

The Healthy Homes and Clean Buildings Act seeks to cut building emissions in line with the state’s climate goals by winding down the gas system and transitioning to clean, electric alternatives. It is also the most comprehensive legislation to date in the United States aimed at getting fossil fuels out of buildings and has significantly raised the level of ambition on what might be possible for other states.

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