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Green Bond China Investor Survey 2022

Conducted with 42 investment institutions among largest domestic and international green bond investors, the survey reveals that satisfactory green credentials and credit fundamentals are top priorities for furthering the appeal of green bonds coming from China. The purpose of the series is to determine investor attitudes to green bonds and establish what is needed for the market to develop further.

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China’s efforts to decarbonize road transport: Decent, but not sufficient

The decarbonization of road transport is an essential component of realizing broader climate targets, and globally, approximately 21% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions come from road transport. Over the past decade, China continuously rolled out regulations and policies to reduce fuel consumption from new cars and trucks and to shift to electric vehicles. During this time, the country experienced a spectacular flourishing of its electric vehicle market.

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Year in review: China’s climate goals withstand heat

President Xi Jinping’s carbon neutrality pledge at the United Nations in September 2020 set in motion a massive build-up of national policy, legislation and regulation on decarbonisation, with unprecedented speed. Barely two months later, Xi announced a set of more ambitious 2030 targets at the Climate Ambition Summit. And then, in March 2021, China’s top legislators approved the 14th Five Year Plan (FYP) with a whole host of climate and energy targets for 2025.

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