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Charging Infrastructure to Accelerate ASEAN’s Electric Vehicle Deployment

The electric vehicle (EV) has been regarded as a key player in decarbonising the transportation sector. The EV market in the ASEAN region recorded a value of USD 498.93 million in 2021, which is expected to reach USD 2,665.3 million in 2027. Nevertheless, the lack of EV charging infrastructure has been identified as one of the main challenges in accelerating the adoption of electric passenger cars.

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The United States Needs More Fast Chargers: China Can Show How

While the exact amount of DCFC the United States needs is still up for debate, there is no question that it will be much more than the 17,000 fast-charging plugs currently installed. Over half of these are owned by Tesla and a third of them are in California. This state alone is projected to need as many as 25,000 public fast-chargers by 2025 to meet its goal of 5 million EVs on the road by 2030.

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Building a zero-emission goods-movement system in Canada

Several jurisdictions across Canada have already adopted strategies to increase ZEV uptake. In Quebec, the 2015–2020 Plan d’action en electrification des transports includes measures to promote electric transportation, develop the industry, and create a favorable environment. Similarly, the City of Toronto’s 2020 Electric Vehicle Strategy assists the strategy’s goal of transportation using 100% zero-carbon energy sources by 2050.

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