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Modeling the U.S. Climate Agenda

The U.S. administration has recently unveiled new climate targets. This paper “Modeling the U.S. Climate Agenda: Macro-Climate Trade-offs and Considerations” by Philip Barrett, Katharina Bergant, Jean Chateau, and Rui Mano elaborates on the administration’s plans and uses two models developed at the IMF to illustrate key macro-climate trade-offs.

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Addressing climate change through carbon taxes

Research shows that putting a price on carbon-based fuels, in the form of a fee or tax, can be an effective way of reducing GHG emissions and pollution levels across the globe. By placing higher taxes on carbon-based fuels, households and industries can reduce the level of pollution and look to alternatives like solar power and hydrogen engines, which have lower impacts on the environment. The implementation of a carbon tax system, therefore, provides an incentive for businesses and industries to develop more environmentally friendly production processes.

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Carbon Pricing for New England

Based on their modeling results and assessments of New England’s history with competition and emission control programs, Mr. Hibbard and Mr. Cavicchi found that a progressively increasing price on CO2 emissions would allow for market competition to drive decarbonization in the power sector, while reliably addressing rapidly rising electricity demand in the transportation and building sectors.

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