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Schlumberger New Energy, Chevron and Microsoft collaborate on carbon negative bioenergy

Schlumberger New Energy, Chevron Corporation, Microsoft and Clean Energy Systems have announced plans to develop a bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration (BECCS) project designed to produce carbon negative power in Mendota, California. The companies involved expect to begin front end engineering and design immediately, leading to a final investment decision in 2022, and will then evaluate other opportunities to scale this carbon capture and sequestration solution.

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Ontario’s first carbon-negative bus launched

Ontario has launched a renewable natural gas (RNG) public transit bus. The RNG is supplied by Enbridge Gas Inc. and is produced in London at the StormFisher biogas facility that processes organic waste. The RNG is considered carbon negative because it diverts organic waste from a landfill and prevents release of methane into the atmosphere.

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