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California Approves New Rules to Support EV Charging Infrastructure

The California Public Utilities Commission broke new ground recently, approving new rules that will ensure utilities provide “utility-side make-ready” infrastructure (illustrated below) to support electric vehicle (EV) charging at no cost to the typical customer. This will reduce the costs of installing charging stations for cars, trucks, and buses by about 25 percent, fundamentally improving the economics of electrifying the transportation sector.

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California Approves $44M for San Diego EV Charging

San Diego Gas & Electric will deploy roughly 2,000 new electric vehicle charging stations at apartment and workplaces across the San Diego region, under a $44 million program approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. The investment will allow the utility to help fill the need for charging infrastructure at workplaces and apartment complexes where cars are parked for long periods, supporting accelerated EV adoption and California’s ambitious transportation electrification goals.

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