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Clean Energy Is the Key to Real Energy Independence

President Biden has laid out a plan for $550 billion in clean energy investment over the next 10 years. It’s a plan to create jobs, save families an average of $500 a year in energy bills, and help to make our country more secure. Ending our dependence on oil will distance U.S. families and businesses from the volatility of global markets. It will take us out of the business of subsidizing aggression from petro states like Russia. And it will help us confront the global climate crisis—the existential environmental challenge of our time.

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Total changes name to TotalEnergies, also gets a new logo

At the Shareholders’ Meeting, the shareholders of Total approved, almost unanimously, the resolution to change the company’s name from Total to TotalEnergies, thereby anchoring its strategic transformation into a broad energy company in its identity. In tandem with this name change, TotalEnergies is adopting a new visual identity.

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