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Cost of Zero-Emission Trucks in US: Paper

The reductions of battery costs are one of the largest contributors to enabling price parity between battery-electric and diesel trucks. The analysis finds that while battery costs for zero-emission trucks and buses lag behind electric cars in cost reductions, their costs are expected to halve by 2030 compared to 2022, reaching $120/kWh at the pack level. Electric drive systems—including the transmission, motor, and inverter—are forecasted to see cost reductions of over 60% by 2030, reaching $23/kW.

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BEV Access in Europe: Paper by ICCT

The analysis found that new BEV registrations is not equally distributed across European regions. In intermediate regions, the average BEV market share of 6.7% was 0.5 percentage points higher than in urban and rural regions. Looking at the regions which experienced BEV registrations equal to or above the European average, their share was the highest in intermediate regions (45%), followed by rural regions (42%), and urban regions (38%).

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