Tag: artificial intelligence in renewables

Application of AI in wind power projects

A high degree of coordination and flexibility is required between the different systems in the power sector value chain as well as in the O&M of individual wind power generation assets. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key enabler in this respect, offering a host of benefits from efficient integration of in­termittent wind power into the grid, to enabling automation of various construction and O&M activities, to better grid ma­na­gement.

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Modernizing power utilities across ASEAN

With the introduction of new technologies, artificial based solutions for addressing such challenges become available. Drones and other unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are increasingly being utilised to automate the planning, construction, and maintenance of energy plants around the world. UAS and digital technologies are making energy sector operations faster, safer, and more cost-effective. The main issue for emerging Asia is to stay up to speed with the rapid pace of global technical innovation while also seizing the opportunities that are available.

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Why artificial intelligence is a game-changer for renewable energy

AI is revolutionizing the renewables industry, with improved demand forecasting, superior asset management, and operational excellence through automation. As the low-carbon transition gains pace, AI’s ability to seamlessly integrate an enormous increase of intermittent renewable energy will be needed to ensure a stable and reliable grid.

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